Pet Allergens Are Not Impossible To Handle Or Prevent

In case you want a pet, but you are allergic, there are several tips how to care for a pet, despite your allergy.

The experts are advising you to avoid petting and caressing the pet. If you do it, just wash your hands and arms carefully in order not to provoke your allergy.

Always check for your pet’s skin health and consult with a vet about the right products you will need to use. In case your pet is suffering from skin disease or any form of allergy, this will irritate your own allergy too.

Bathe the pet at least once in a week and always use a face mask, while you do it. If it is possible do not let your pet in the bedroom or the areas with the furniture.

A good helper is also the High Efficiency Particulate Air. This is a filter for the air vents and vacuum cleaners that is very useful for cases like yours.

Replacing the carpets with wood, tile or vinyl is also a good idea, for the carpets are keeping the allergens even if they are clean. The urine of your pet is also an allergen that can provoke an allergy reaction. Make sure you are not the one, who is cleaning the litter box. If this is you, always wear face mask and gloves.

A good hygiene of your home and pet also reduces the allergy risk, so you need to keep the hygiene level very high.


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