Our Pets Are Health Hazards? What Do You Think?

We can’t live without our pets and this is a fact. Despite many good reasons for having a dog, a cat or any other animal to care at home, there is also one bad news for the pet owners.

petsRecent research is showing an interesting fact about the pets. They actually can be hazardous for our health.

The team of researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is pointing out that actually pets are a home danger because they are the reason for all kinds of incidents related to falls. Scientists are presenting a report due to which they prove their point.

According to the statistic based on a report about the annual emergency department visits to nearly 60 hospitals, more than 7500 records were linked to a fall, caused by pets. Yet, despite the number, this figure represents just 1 percent of the 8 million falls injuries treated in the hospitals for one year.

Overall, pets can be dangerous, but is this a reason to give up your best friends? Just as the humans, pets can cause us some injuries, but still there is one question: can they cause more troubles than a human being is able to?


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