Memorials For Pets Became Art

This might sound odd to you, but there is a certain way to remember your pets forever. In case you want to have them even after they passed away, all you need to do is to purchase a paint made of their ashes.

DefrancesThis unusual idea came from Wayne DeFrances, who is muralist and also paints portraits of pets.

Wayne found out a different way to mourn for her favorite pet, after it was cremated. She just blended a teaspoon of the pet ashes into the paint. This way she kept a part of her favorite pet on a portrait, which reminds her that her puppy is still in the house.

Other people were also fond of this idea and purchased portraits, made of their favorite pet’s ashes. Soon this turned to an artistic business for Wayne.

Nowadays her service is named “Memories from Ashes” and can be purchased on a special website.


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