Keeping Your Pet “Green”

green petCaring for your pet can involve taking steps to help the environment and many green products are now available. [Pet Care]

Before approaching a pet store or breeder consider getting a pet from the local animal shelter.

This is the ultimate in recycling and you will find a variety of dogs and cats just waiting to be re-homed.

In most cases the staff will know the suitability of a certain character to your home and environment. Adopting a pet in this way can be very rewarding.

Many treatments, shampoos and medicinal remedies can now be purchased as organic or environmentally friendly. Most veterinarians sell a range of these increasingly popular alternatives and they are beginning to come down in price.

Bedding and toys are often now available made from recycled materials. Look out for them in the supermarket as they are just as durable compared to traditional brands. Price wise often there is little or no difference as well.

As a pet owner be responsible and make sure your animal is neutered or spayed. Contrary to popular belief it is in no way cruel for any animal to have this type of surgical procedure.

In fact in a lot of cases it is actually cruel for them to be left sexually intact. You will be making a positive step towards the proper management of the pet population.

Finally organic pet food is now available for all pets although you must ensure that they are certified. Alternatively it is possible to make your own dog food using particular recipe books.


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