Keep Your House Safe From Little Claws And Chewing Teeth

Anyone who has ever had an indoor pet of the four legged variety knows that there are things that the pet can harm or that can harm the pet itself.

puppy kittenIn an effort to alleviate these issues there are a few things that can be done before the pet comes inside the house.

First, you can get all nooks and crannies dust bunny free (and don’t forget under the beds).  Make sure that anything that can be jumped on is free from clutter and also move to safe places anything that can be knocked to the floor or chewed on.

pet catAlso don’t forget cords (both window treatment ones and electrical ones) are short enough that the pet can’t reach them or secure them to the floor if they have the right length. Make your place as safe for your pet as you can and they will make you as happy as they can.


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