How To Stop Your Pets From Damaging Home Furnishings?

pet damaging homeHave you ever entered your house and find cat wee on your carpet or your cushion feathers flying all over your living room?

You just feel like throwing out your pet, don’t you?

Hold your horses, first try and discourage them from meddling with your furniture before you throw them out.

Dogs love chewing anything chewable. All you have to do is cover your furniture with something that is bitter to the taste. But be careful and don’t get something that may endanger their health.

After one or two times, it finds the particular type of furniture bitter and you will never see it meddling with the furniture.

Since they enjoy chewing so much, purchase a chewable toy for them from any pet stores. It’s the next best thing to keep your pet preoccupied.

Cats make great use of their long nails. Make sure they scratch anything that can leave a mark. “Their signature” you can’t blame them, that’s their greatest talent and keeps them busy when they do not have anything to play with.

Get something like a board or anything that your cat can scratch all day long if he wants. Look at his favorite pieces of furniture that he enjoys scratching. Try and identify what it is that attracts them. If it’s the color then paint your board in that same color.

Limit the number of places your pet has freedom to roam around. Restrict especially the rooms that have a fitted carpet. Fur is not easy to remove from the carpet.

It gets entwined in the carpet. For a replaceable carpet you can take it out once in a while and clean it out. But with a fitted carpet all you can do is vacuum it and it may not effectively remove the hairs.

A very important aspect in keeping your furniture safe is training. Train your pet to keep away from certain objects. If you have an obedient pet, tell him ‘no’ whenever he attacks the furniture. [Pet Training]

Reward him every time he stays away. He will soon realize that he gets treats if he stays away from the furniture.

Sometimes your pet destroys your furniture because it wants your attention. And he knows he is going to get it if he attacks your furniture.

So instead of looking for ways for them to leave your furniture alone, play with them so they don’t have a reason to look for a substitute.


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