How To Clear Your Home Of Pet Fleas?

pet fleaBoth pets and we humans have had trouble with fleas since the beginning of time.

They are the ones to be held accountable for the spread of parasites in a human body if ingested, including tape-worms.

Your pets are more prone to suffer from a disease called the Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FD).

This disease is the most common cause of pet allergies; it can also make other allergies to food and breathing problems worse. And all it takes is a single bite from a flea to cause this mayhem.

It is a cumbersome mission to get rid of these pests, the only safe and fool proof method is getting to understand the cycle of a flea. Attacking the flea cycle at various stages will finally ensure a flee-free home and surroundings.

To do this, you need to figure out where fleas have been breeding in your house and where have they been living. Fleas do not live on your pet they jump on to feed then jump off.

You should also need to properly understand the workings of flea eliminating medications and importance of dog grooming.

The eggs that fleas lay pupate for many months. A female flea will lay a phenomenal 2500 eggs in her approximate life span of 49 to 51 days. As soon as they hatch, they must feed on blood within four days, in order to survive.

You should repeatedly follow the procedure of:

  • Disinfecting and thoroughly cleaning your home
  • Giving proper medicines to your pets, frontline is perhaps the best known
  • Using a birth control medication for fleas on your pet.


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