Deciding Which Shelter To Adopt From

pet adoptionAre you considering adopting a dog from a local shelter? Maybe you need some guidance as to which shelter you want to adopt from.

All shelters are in dire need of people adopting their animals so regardless of which shelter you decide to adopt from in the end you are doing a very great service to a local shelter in need.

Once you have decided you want to adopt a dog you will need to decide if you want to adopt a puppy, ‘teenager’, adult or senior dog.

You will also need to determine if you want a small, medium, large or very large breed dog[Dog breed]. Do you want a male or female?

These are all questions you will need to answer. And, there are pros to each decision. Most people want a puppy but the benefit to adopting an older dog is there is a very good chance they are house-trained.

Contrary to popular belief, large dogs are usually more of a lap dog than small dogs are. Also contrary to popular belief you can most definitely find a pure bred at a shelter if that is something that is important to you.

Go to which is the national registry for animal shelter dogs for adoption.


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