Choosing The Right Pet For Your Particular Lifestyle

cat carePeople often walk past a pet shop and see an adorable puppy. They rush in, purchase the puppy and take it home without stopping to consider the needs of the puppy or the responsibilities of caring for an animal.

For that reason, animal shelters in America are overflowing with unwanted or difficult pets.

Indeed, pets are wonderful and bring much joy, but people must consider the pet’s needs and their ability to meet those needs before bringing a pet into their home. [Puppy Care]

Dogs are probably the most popular pets in America, but they are also high maintenance.  Puppies must be housebroken and dogs must be walked.

Many dog breeds need regular exercise such as running to stay healthy and happy.

Therefore, when choosing a dog based on the breed, consider your lifestyle and its needs to be certain that it will be a good match. Better yet, consider rescuing a dog from a pound or shelter. Rescued dogs are often adult animals that have already been housebroken and trained.

Cats make good pets as well and generally require less maintenance than dogs. Cat owners do have to deal with litter boxes, but at least cats don’t have to be walked.

Since cats are solitary animals, they can entertain and amuse themselves when their owner is not at home. Cats are particularly suited for people who are constantly on the run or always away from home.

Other creatures are good pet possibilities as well such as hamsters, guinea pigs and gerbils. They do require a little maintenance such as cleaning their cage once a week and being fed on a daily basis.

Whatever your lifestyle, choosing the right pet to fit is essential for the health and happiness of both you and your pet.


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