Smart Way To Get Rid Of Dog Training Problems

As the technology evolves (and it is obviously doing so by the day), one will soon enough not even have to speak to its pet in order to make it sit, stand or walk. Thanks to the Digital Ultrasonic Voice Recorder Dog Trainer from Uxsight, all you have to do when trying to train your dog will be record the commands and use them with the touch of a button.

The hand held device can record up to 8 commands. It also comes with a built-in ultrasonic feature that will reproduce the tones in high frequency so they can be heard only by the dogs, in case your dog or anyone else around you gets sick of hearing your voice.

The main quality of the device is its role on forming a positive behavior in your pet without any shock nor use of physical force. In fact, the Pet Trainer’s vision on obedience seems to be highly effective, since it started to be used by professional pet trainers all over the world.

Therefore, no more yelling at your dog in public plus a safe and easy way to train it – this is what Dog Trainer has to offer. It is powered by 4 3A batteries, measures 120/65/ 32mm, weighs about 204 g and its price can go up to 28 US dollars.

Source: the-gadgeteer


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