Meowlingual Cat Translation To Understand Feline Talk

meowlingualDo you know why your kitty is raising its leg in the air and pawing you? Do you feel only a psychologist would be able to understand the language of your cat? You’re not alone; most cat owners are lost when it comes to understanding feline mood swings.

From vicious hissing to plaintive miaows and gruff purrs, cat language is a mystery even to their owners, who endeavour to get close and develop loving relationships with their furry pets.

Fret no more and abandon the search for the elusive genie that will unlock your cat’s inner secrets. Takara Co of Japan has made a device Meowlingual Cat Translation that claims to understand a cat’s meow and convert it into human speech.

While even the most attentive cat lover has problems understanding what the feline is expressing, the technology in the Meowlingual Cat Translation decodes the meow into human language and gives you a chance of developing a richer relationship with your cat.

A perfect solution for new cat owners, the ingenious device claims to demystify your entire cat’s unintelligible conversation.

By bridging the communication barrier, the Meowlingual Cat Translation creates an opportunity for increased intimacy and a strong relationship between you and your feline. All you need to do is hold the nifty gadget close to the cat’s head when it is purring or meowing and wait for the translation to appear.

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