Greener Dog Walks With A Greener Leash

In the world, in which everything is eco and green, carrying for your pets is also available for so called green living. Along with your aim to live a greener life, there are several companies, which offer new generation dog leashes.

Power Generating LeashOne of them is the brand new model for your pet, called Power Generating Dog Leash. The unique eco dog tool will hit the markets this year and has better options than traditional leashes.

Its basic role is to help your dog during walk and offers leash with power generating and a green device without any battery.

The new style leash comes with three LEDs for night walks, making visibility even brighter.

Power Generating Leash 1The good news is that Power Generating Dog Leash charges without battery and generating energy for the LEDs is super easy.

From time to time you must recoil the leash so to produce the special juice, needed for the LEDs. And that’s all you have to do with your new green dog leash.


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