Setting Up A Suitable Habitat For Pet Turtles

turtlesBeing a pet owner is a big responsibility and quite often people do not realize how much is involved until it gets too difficult.

Turtle habitats can be a little tricky but they are rewarding.

Keeping turtles can be very rewarding, these ancient species are very mysterious and offer a unique insight into a world long lost forever.

The starting point is ensuring that you have the space for the right sized aquarium, which needs to be at the very least a fifty gallon tank.

A good guide to remember is for every shell inch of the adult creature should have ten gallons of space.

The right sized tank will then need a filter specifically designed for turtles if this is not possible, and only a filter for a fish tank is available then it should be a kind designed for an aquarium double in size.

An aquarium inhabited by one or more turtles will require very regular cleaning; they are in fact very messy when they eat. If possible, a tank designed with a separate feeding area would be very advantageous, that way only part of the housing will get so bad.

Pet turtles need to be able to turn in the water as well as swimming so it is important that they get enough depth in the water you provide for them.

They spend a lot of time basking, so land whilst needed less can never be omitted. The most popular aquatic turtles are Red-Eared Sliders and they really do love to swim.


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