The Horse As A Pet And The Challenge Awaiting You

Caring for a pet isn’t an easy issue and most of the horse owners know it for sure. Yet, caring for a horse is a pleasure that was a privilege only for the richest people, for it requires lots of things and mostly – money.

In 21st century, things are changed and this is no longer just for the richest people. Anyone can take care of a horse; it is only a matter of a good will and of course wishing to care for an extremely intelligent animal.

horse 1Horses are known as the smartest animals after dolphins and elephants therefore your attention is more than needed. Horses are often spoiled, because they require just the attention you would give to the rest of your family.

The interaction is the biggest issue according to many specialists. In case you are going to choose a horse, do it when the horse is little.

This way you can build a real relationship between you and the little horse. Building habits is also a key to a good relationship with your horse. Try to maintain certain habits.

Games are also good for the horse. Activities are must, for they are keeping your animal from becoming bored.

Most of the horse shelters nowadays are trying to provide personal adopters for most of their horses. You can adopt a horse at the local horse shelter, but it really involves a dedicated commitment.

As for the horse environment, it is an extremely important thing.

Horses are wild creatures in their nature, but in the taming process the environment become very important for them. Building an adequate shelter and creating an exercise area is a must, in case you want to provide your horse with the right environment.

horse 2

Shade in the summer, protection from the wind and cold are the key factors, when building a shelter. You can use the old barn or build a new horse stall.

The simple shade cover is also good, but it depends on the climate. Provide secure gates and use a chain to lock the shelter, because horses are extremely intelligent and can learn easily how to open the gates. The food is also a factor that you need to consider carefully.

Horses need to be constantly supplied of fresh water and a mineral salt. They can eat all day, so try to feed them often. Twice a day is also good – in the morning and in the evening.

Roughage and hay are the main food for a horse. Don’t over-feed your horse with hay that contains too much minerals, because it will lead to hoof problems. Buy the supplies only from special stores and try to create a balanced diet for your horse.

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