The Basic Facts And Care For Pet Monkey

pet monekyA pet monkey can live up to 2 to 4 decades. Looking after it properly will lengthen its lifespan whereas improper care may shorten the life span.

Pet monkeys require full commitment all their lives despite a change in your lifestyle or routine.

They cannot do without your attention. Since they are animals you cannot even explain that you are too busy. They require social interaction with other monkeys as this is how they have always done as they were growing up.

Pet monkeys are wild and costly to accommodate and feed. They require special diets that are difficult and time consuming to prepare. A significant commitment of time is needed to clean and care for the monkey.

A large amount of social interaction and attention from the owner is vital to avoid the monkey developing severe behavior problems and psychological issues.

Baby monkeys are sweet and cute but as they grow older they can become very aggressive. They will display possessive tendencies and will not allow other people into your life, whether be it a spouse or your children. It is safer to get a pet monkey when your family is well established to avoid scuffles with the monkey.

Raising monkeys with humans does not suppress their natural wild natures. Deprivation of normal social relationships with other monkeys will create behavioral problems and neuroses.

They are extremely messy and cannot be trained to use the toilet but you can diaper younger monkeys. Diapers prevent monkeys from doing distasteful things with their faeces and urine.

Pet monkeys require a large secure enclosure but outdoor visits may be allowed as well.

Monkeys tend to be destructive when bored so provide a wide variety of assorted toys and exercise equipment that will keep them challenged and stimulated.

Constant supervision is required to protect the monkeys from themselves. They are adventurous critters that may use the toys in a way that harms them.

Monkeys in general can pass on diseases to mankind. Regular visits to the local vet must be made to make sure that your pet is perfectly healthy. [Healthy Pets] Constant supervision on your pet will help you to know when something is wrong with your pet.

Should you suspect that something is wrong, take your monkey to the vet as most diseases can be treated in their early stages. Monkeys bite and scratch when angry or annoyed and every time the monkey injures you, you are risking possible illness.


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