Taming And Handling A Hamster

hamsterEven if the hamster can’t be taught to do all kinds of tricks it can be tamed so it becomes a cute and playful companion.

Some hamsters are easy to tame than others so in order to do that the owner needs a lot of patience and gentile actions.

These little animals have each their own personality and the main secret to get them close to you is to not present yourself as a threat. Also the punishment must be out of the question.

If the little pet was purchased from a breeder it is more likely that is already accustomed to human touch hence easier to tame. But, the patience and consistence can bring closer a hamster which has never experienced the human touch whether it is a baby or an adult.

After the purchase, pay as much attention as you can to your hamster and give it the chance to fit in, in the new environment. Talk slowly and avoid sudden movement.

Also the cage should be in a quite room with no abrupt noises. Let it settle for 2 days before trying to get it out of the cage.

Try and offer it a small treat through the cage bars. If at first it doesn’t trust you enough to take it out of your hand eventually it will get used to your presence and become more daring.

After a while the little hamster will get accustomed with the scent of your hand and it will come and take the treats while you are holding them. This is a sure sign it is ready to be held and played with.


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