Selecting A Home For Your Hamster

hamsterHamsters are very energetic animals that require a lot of stimulation. They are happy to live in a small cage as long as they are kept busy.

To this end there are a large variety of products that you can buy to keep your pet happy.

Plastic wheels and tunnels, ladders, and a multitude of other stimuli are all available at an affordable price.

But before you get carried away the basic cage or housing needs to be decided on.

The traditional home for most hamsters is a cage, which affords them plenty of fresh air although drafts can be a problem.

Cages usually have a plastic bottom and the whole thing can be dismantled for the purpose of cleaning. A water feeding bottle is usually clipped to the side.

A hamster’s habitat does not have to be enormous, but be big enough to fit different activity equipment into it. Make sure it is easy to keep clean, sometimes elaborate plastic systems are almost impossible to keep maintained.

Glass or plastic aquariums can be used for Hamsters but a cage is the best option. They are dessert animals and like plenty of ventilation. Also certain designs may seem to be very state of the art but tubing systems in particular can cause a hamster to get disorientated.

Beware of expensive themed designs that are made to attract young children rather than being a good environment for your new pet. Make sure your hamster has clean bedding every day and lots to stimulate it; you will have a very content pet.


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