Pet Rabbits In A House Or Apartment

rabbit1Rabbits have been kept as pets for many decades, and are very easy to take care of.

They can be housed outside, however, they may be at risk from predators and also to the elements.

At a house, pet rabbits can be easily litter trained and are ideal companions for adults.

Often children will be unable to resist picking them up and rabbits prefers to have slightly less human contact than cats or dogs.

As pet rabbits are very quiet and are mainly active during the night, a perfect choice if you live in an apartment or are out at work all day.

Rabbits obviously enjoy eating carrots and other vegetables but actual rabbit food in the form of pellets is the best diet you can give them.

Rabbits are prone to obesity as they do like to munch away, so make sure your pet has a well balanced diet and not too many treats.

If you do have a rabbit and young children co-habituating then certain precautions need to be taken. Any accessible electric cables should be dealt with as this is a potentially deadly hazard. It might be better to get a larger species of rabbit to avoid the child accidentally stepping or sitting on them.

Children growing up with a rabbit will soon learn how to treat the creature correctly and a rabbit is a very clean animal to have around the home. They are also quite robust as long as they get plenty of exercise.

In the summer months they will enjoy being outside, provide a big run where they can be safe and happy.


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