4 Important Steps For Feeding Baby Bunnies

bunniesAre you raising newborn bunnies in your backyard?

Raising newborn or baby bunnies can be both fun and a challenging task for a pet owner as well.

This is because a great amount of care must be taken in initial stages of their new life to ensure healthy growth and survival.

Here are a few feeding tips that could help you, if you are new to raising baby bunnies.

  1. Take care of the mother rabbit
  2. Do you have mother rabbit as well? If the mother of the newborn baby bunnies is present, you don’t have to bother about caring or feeding the newborn bunnies. The mother rabbit will take complete care for the baby bunnies. You just need to check whether the mother rabbit is healthy and have all feeding essentials to feed her infants.

  3. Feed them with kitten milk as replacer
  4. Instead of using regular cow’s milk, feed the baby bunnies with kitten milk as replacer. Even feeding them with goat’s milk also ensures healthy growth.

  5. Feed them only twice a day
  6. Make sure that you feed your baby bunnies only twice a day. Actually, they should be feed only once a day but if you are feeding them with kitten milk replacer, feeding twice a day is sufficient enough.

  7. Once bunnies open their eyes feed with solid foods
  8. If you notice that the baby bunnies have opened their eyes and begun to hop around, you can feed them with grains and hay. But be careful don’t feed too much greenery to the mother or babies.

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  1. Ann Miller says:

    i have a baby rabbit the mother gave birth on the floor of the pin i am feeding it kitten replacement milk i wanted to know it the baby skin is kinda of reankly is it getin what it needs the baby kinda looks fat a little the baby is only 2 days old what all do i need to get in the milk or it that kitten milk fine to give it.

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