Practical Guide For Leopard Gecko Owners

Leopard GeckoThe Gecko lizards can be raised in groups, preferably females because the males will fight for territory and the couples tend to proliferate rapidly.

The sexual dimorphism of the Leopard Gecko lizard is not very obvious. The males are generally larger, have a wider head and a thicker neck.

With the help of a magnifying glass, the lizard’s sex is visible after only a month, the males presenting a V shape hair area near the anus secreting a waxy substance.

In order to host a Leopard Gecko it is advisable to use a glass terrarium or a plastic container. A terrarium with a volume of 40 l is large enough for an adult lizard and one of 75 l is suited for 2-3 of these little pets.

The bottom can be “paved” with paper napkins, an old towel or a piece of rug. It is not recommendable to use sand because the sand granules can be ingested with the food especially by the young lizards and lead to severe health problems.

Being a nocturnal animal the Leopard Gecko does not need the UV light but keeping the terrarium warm is mandatory.

This can be achieved by using an electrical light on one side of the terrarium, a red light bulb being exactly what the little lizard needs.

The ideal temperature during the day is 32 C and during the night it can be lowered to 25 C.


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