Need To Know Facts About Green Iguanas

Taking care of the iguana is pretty expensive and quite difficult and taming them requires a large amount of patience and determination.

Raising two iguanas increases the challenge so you better consider the effort before deciding on the number.

When taking care of the iguana, strict rules of hygiene must be obeyed so you could prevent getting sick. The skin of the reptiles is Salmonella carrier, and these bacteria can easily be transmitted to humans by mere touch of the reptile’s skin.

Because the green iguana does not perspire through the skin the salt from its body is eliminated through sneezing. This is how in spite of many people considering this a sign of sickness, the sneeze is nothing but a common biological function meant to balance the amount of body minerals.

The eliminated secretions through the nostrils dry and are turned into dust or crust on the iguana’s nose or on the walls of the terrarium. In spite of being considered as a sign of disease the iguana sneeze can mean that the diet is filled with more mineral salt than necessary.

The iguana needs light so it is a good idea to place the terrarium on a lighted surface. In the absence of light the reptile can develop severe health problems and even behavioral disorders. If exposing it to the sun is not possible the light must be insured artificially.


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