Keeping A Tiny Sugar Glider As A Pet

sugar gliderIt is important that you consider carefully before choosing a sugar glider for a pet.

In some countries it is illegal to keep them and by breaking the law your pet will be taken away and destroyed.

A sugar glider can cost quite a bit of money and as they are quite unusual not all veterinarians will treat them, those that will often charge a lot for the service. These creatures can not be litter trained and will need to remain in a cage at all times or risk making a lot of mess.

Another factor to consider is that they are insectivores, and that means you will need to be able to easily purchase or obtain enough bugs and even baby mice, for their needs.

Not for the faint hearted. They are native to Australia and are nocturnal, meaning that they sleep during the day and are awake at night.

Ideally a same sexed pair is preferred because they are very social creatures, if you only have a single glider make sure you spend a lot of time with them. They can even recognise their owners by scent and voice and they can live as long as fifteen years.

In the wild, they move from tree to tree by gliding which is how they got their name, they have large toes on their back legs which help them grip trees as they move about.

Other toes are used as a type of grooming comb, as pets, these claws need to be trimmed very regularly to prevent the risk of causing damage to themselves.


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