How To Train And Bond With A Ferret?

ferretFor many years ferrets have been a quite common pet, especially in the big city’s apartment blocks.

They can become domesticated very easily because they are intelligent albeit very determined creatures.

Ferret training is just like the techniques used for every other animal. Reward for good behavior and the removal of your attention if they misbehave.

Small amounts of food and treats are the most effective form of encouragement and by using the correct techniques anything is possible.

As well as the basic litter training and command for controlled walking, ferrets can be taught to do many other things. Just like dogs a ferret should never be punished harshly, removing your attention is usually enough for them to learn that they done wrong.

It is important to get to know the personality of your pet ferret. As you get closer a bond will be created and the animal will learn to trust you more.

It should always be recognized that unlike a dog or cat the ferret is a wild creature at heart. In particular if someone is trying to pet your ferret, be aware at all times.

With regular training a ferret will become a life long companion and be a good friend. They can be taught to do basic tricks and will enjoy any challenges you can give them. For example standing on its hind legs or staying on your shoulder.

Ferrets have a tendency to nip with their sharp teeth and an old English custom to determine who could keep a ferret down their trousers the longest was seen as a true test of courage.


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