How To Raise Pet Sea Monkeys?

sea monkeySea monkeys due to new computer-driven processing technologies and non-toxic chemicals can now hatch faster than ever before.

They used to exist in tiny eggs for many years, this was because of their instant life crystals that helped to extend their un-hatched lifespan.

These technologies allow sea monkeys to grow larger and to extend their life spans longer than ever before. They are not harmful to humans but if they are exposed to natural water they will not be able to survive because the formula keeps them alive.

Keep the water that contains the sea monkey at the correct temperature by buying an aquarium thermometer. These are cheap and thin so they will not crowd your sea monkeys.

Sea monkeys feed on algae and to obtain this you may expose the tank to indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight will be too hot.

The sun allows algae which is under water growth to grow in the tank. This algae is a delicious food source that is also constant and it also provides oxygen for the sea monkeys.

When cleaning out an abundant growth of algae that tends to look disgusting, be sure not to use detergents with any parts of the fish aquarium. Soap contains chemicals that are lethal to sea creatures so rather sterilize the aquarium apparatus by boiling it which will kill any bacteria on it.

Aerate the tank daily to avoid carbon dioxide becoming a compound called carbonic acid. This acid is weak but it is lethal to sea monkeys.

If the sea monkey is slow and sluggish aerate the tank to provide oxygen because oxygen with carbonic acid is useless and this may lead to suffocation.

Sea monkeys are referred to as brine shrimp this insinuates that they reside in very salty water. The saltiness of the water will increase as the water evaporates from your tank. When water evaporates the salt remains behind.

Sea monkeys adapt to the gradual change but if you replenish the water it will cause shock as the salt that they are used to would have dropped in levels.

To avoid causing shock and discomfort to your fish, rather replenish the water every two inches. The water that you introduce to the fish tank must be boiled tap water that has been left to cool to room temperature for 24 hours or distilled water.

When a sea monkey dies, the blackened carcass will sink to the bottom and this carcass should be removed. To remove it a sterile eye dropper would be ideal.


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