How Hard It Is To Have Frogs As Pets?

Frogs as pets are an interesting option for those who are looking for an unusual pet.  Before you decide to go out and buy a frog it would be wise to remember that wild frogs are in danger of extinction largely due to human interference. To do your bit look for frogs those have been locally bred and are known to be free of disease because chytrid fungus infection can be quite devastating for the frog population.

frogs as petsFrogs make beautiful pets but due consideration should be put in before you decide to keep frogs as pets. Pet frogs can live to an age of 15 years (in some cases) in captivity, so be prepared for a long commitment. When you keep frogs as pets there are many factors that you need to take care of before and after you buy your pet.

Keeping the frog enclosure suitable and clean for the frog to live comfortably is plenty of work, as the frogs are very sensitive to any kind of contaminant and react adversely to any chemical.

Frogs feed on insects and you will have to handle them if you decide to keep frogs as pet. Some of the bigger frogs may have to be fed with baby mice. If you decide to go on a vacation you will need someone to take care of your frog when you are away and this may be a tough task.

Research thoroughly before you choose frogs as pets. Some frogs remain small even when adults and some like the African bull frog can attain huge sizes. Choose one that is suitable for you.

Once you have chosen your species learn all you can about them. Some frogs live on land while others prefer the water. Some species need both land and water so it is better to know that before you buy it. You will need to prepare an aquarium accordingly to keep your frog comfortable. Also find out the food the particular species prefers and prepare accordingly.

It is essential to keep the aquarium clean and well maintained as frogs can easily get ill. Use of cleaners or chlorinated water may harm the frog. Similarly dirty water or too frequent changing of water may harm the frog. It is advisable to change the water part by part every two to three days.

Some popular frog species are Dwarf Frog, Oriental Fire Bellied Frog, and White’s Tree frog, African Clawed Frog, American Green Tree Frog and Pacman Frogs. When deciding to choose frogs as pets, remember that they will need a lot of care and are quite a hard work for their owners.


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