Fitness For Horses, Smart Idea To Keep Them Healthy

Horse training has known many transformations throughout the last years.

Its methods are very numerous and they are taught differently by every teacher. That leads all too often to situations of confusion for both the horse and its owner. But there is a method that never fails, and that is the classical, simple and concise ways of training.

These have been rediscovered, reanalyzed and put together in the book entitled “Equine Fitness – A Conditioning Program of Exercises & Routines for Your Horse”, which you can buy from many online stores for about $14. The fundamental idea of the book is that straightforward is better in this case also, and the author bases his hypothesis on a lifelong experience in the field of horse training.

What a horse needs in order to be successful, are generally three main things: health, self confidence and a good trainer. To resume the most important rules in horse training, we can say that the rider must be educated, first of all, into knowing the horse, its strengths and weaknesses in order to contribute to its development.

Only after that must he/she start to train the horse. But these are two separate actions. And they must be understood accordingly in order to make the training process complete and efficient.


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