Dancing Mice – Funny Creatures With A Sad Story

dancing miceThe dancing mice represented a fascinating subject for animal researchers but also for the people with a soft spot for rodent pets.

The “dancing” name is the result of the circle movement these mice are continuously doing like they are all the time chasing their tale.

A dancing mouse cannot walk in a straight line and is permanently spinning, moving in large or small circles.

Sometimes these mice “dance” in pairs, one spinning around the other or following one another through a cage. Some “dancing mice” move in an eight shape, others bend their little heads to the left or the right while spinning.

The origin of the dancing mice is not very clear but there are divergent opinions about the matter. Most people sustain the theory according to which they came from China.

During the years they were imported in Japan –where they are named Nankin mice- and from there they spread through Europe and the other continents.

The dancing mice are not a very different species from the regular mouse, as some people wrongfully believe. The truth about them is a lot crueler.

They are mice suffering from a hereditary malady of the internal ear, disease that is interfering with their sense of balance. This disease cannot be treated and usually these little funny creatures live for a very short time.


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