Adorable Horse Breeds

horse breedBeauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, right?

It remains a highly debatable matter as to which of the thousands of breeds recorded to date can truly be arranged in ascending order of appeal.

You may ask; Adorable, for whom? Adorable horse breeds exist.

Certain qualities occur recurrently on the list of any horse lover asked what it is they most desire in a horse. Strength, Spiritedness, Athleticism, Speed, a kind nature, and of course good looks.

Sadly though, these features rarely occur in the desired quantities and blends. Be as it may, there are indeed several breeds with remarkable balances of qualities. Adorable horse breeds indeed.

The Shetland Pony is amongst the few horse breeds that is explicitly described as adorable.

A wide amount of consensus has been arrived at to cement its place amongst the elite bunch of adorable horses so to speak.

These small almost portable ponies are cheeky, energetic hardy and with a lot of training make excellent riding and driving ponies.

Great to give young ladies on their early teen birthdays as a means to gain experience whilst providing a channel to express their sentiments of love and affection felt ever strongly at their tender ages.

Strangely enough though, pure breeds of horses never seem an acceptable entity to die hard horse lovers and as a result organizations have sprung up and congregated in a sustained loyalty to agree preferences of horse qualities.

The American Quarter Horse for example is a breed evolved from the mixing bloodline of Arab, Turk and Barb horses.

The result, an amazing strong, powerful, fast and resilient horse gained respect and recognition as the most reliable in winning races, races which had millions of dollars at stake.

This breed of horse is obviously the most adorable horse to members of the American quarter horse Association who for the obvious reason of the money they make out of winning horse races.

There are an enumerable number of breeds of horses out there. What exactly makes a horse adorable is entirely subjective, a matter of personal choice and preference.

Some of the more emphatic perfectionists will not expect nature’s limitations and intervene actively to produce their idea of an adorable horse breed.

Whether you are a 16 year old girl with a pony for her birthday or an accomplished gambler with an eye for fast horses, horses are highly lovable creatures, adorable in their entirety, an adorable species indeed.


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