A Unique And Interesting Pet For Kids: African Dwarf Frog

african dwarf frogThere is always a wide range of pets that you can choose from for your child other than the common dog, cat, and parrot.

The African Dwarf Frog can be an interesting pet for your child.

It is relatively easy to take care of and is quite unique when you keep it as a pet.

You can’t bond with them as easily as the above common pets but you can always learn to love them as much.

These are cute little fellows and will make an interesting addition to your aquarium. They are also small creatures and never grow bigger than an inch long.

It’s advisable to put them in an aquarium of their own if you do not want them to starve as they are very slow and by the time they want to go and eat, other aquarium fishes would have ate everything. Besides the slow speed, the frogs are also dumb.

These guys cannot survive for a long time when they are out of water. They are so dependant on water for survival just like you are dependant on oxygen from the dry sky.

They can breathe in air unlike fish but they quickly dry up when out of water. Make sure you secure your aquarium so that they do not escape.

Dwarf frogs do not eat other fishes which make them friendly animals that rather mind their own business. They are harmless and you shouldn’t be afraid for your kids when they are around them.

They love bloodworms and frog pellets so they are not too particular about food. This makes them relatively affordable to keep. You can also feed them with mosquito larvae, water snails and frozen shrimp.

They may be cute but they can be a challenge if you decide to keep them with half the necessary information that is needed for their upkeep. So it’s advisable to study them and know how to keep them and feed them in the appropriate manner.

Knowledge is half the battle. Once they become a burden, your kids will not find this frog interesting to keep as a pet.

The African Dwarf Frog loves hiding behind sea shells or anything that is available to get it out of sight. It’s when night falls when they become active and you see them swimming around at the bottom. It is rare to find them swimming at the top despite the time of day.


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