A Goat As A Pet? Well That’s A Bit Of A Challenge

For animal lovers, the idea of having a goat as a pet isn’t so unusual. Lately lots of people are claiming that the mini-goats are exactly as proper for house pets as any other tamed animal.

pet goatsThe Vietnamese are giving an example in taming mini-goats since years. Lately the trend turns to be followed also in America. Many volunteers are discovering the goat’s behavior at home and describing these animals as lovable, loyal and fun.

The goats can grow to 18 inches at the shoulders and 60 pounds weight. They can wear leashes and even play fetch. The good news is that they produce milk, which you can drink and even turn into cheese. Many people are concerned about the goat size, but the truth is there are a lot of dog breeds, which are bigger than a goat.

In case you want to have goats as pets, don’t forget they are picky and prefer only hay. You have to build an enclosure for your goat, which have to be with a size of 25 foot. Don’t forget to ensure a shelter from a rain; because they hate it. Always have more than one goat, hence they are herders and need company.


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