How To Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping?

trainingYou’ve brought home a dog; maybe it’s a puppy and maybe it’s a rescue from a shelter.

The dog is a jumper and it’s getting a bit difficult to handle especially when you have guests or small children over. How do you remedy this? There are a few tricks to try so don’t lose hope!

More than likely your dog is jumping because he wants attention. Therefore he needs to learn when he displays this kind of behavior he will not get attention – that means any attention at all even bad.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not acknowledge the dog while he is jumping. This is difficult but if you are consistent and stick to it you will have a jump-free dog within a few weeks.

When your dog jumps simply turn around and look the other way. Do not say anything to the dog and do not push them down. Turn your body around so they’re facing your back.

If you are consistent with this the dog will realize he will not get the result he wanted; attention and will eventually stop the behavior.

Many people believe that if you put a knee to the dog’s chest when they jump this will stop the jumping behavior. This may be worth a try however you are still giving him attention and could cause damage depending upon how aggressively he jumps and how forcefully you put your knee into his chest.

Also remember that most behaviors in dogs [dog behavior] are learned behaviors. This means if you have a dog at home who jumps and you bring another dog home that dog will learn to jump. Stopping a dog from jumping really can be very simple and will save you a lot of irritation.


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