Discipline Over Love: How to Tame Your Dog

Is your dog out of control? Do you have to keep it on the lead when going for a walk because you’re afraid of how it reacts to other dogs? Do friends and family avoid coming over because of your boisterous pet? Many behavioural problems such as aggression and disobedience can be changed simply by training a dog correctly, and it doesn’t have to be a costly or complicated process.

How do I Start?

As long as you’re prepared to stick with a training regime, you really don’t need that much to start. As the easiest and most valuable method of training your dog is through positive reinforcement, be sure to think about what pet supplies and animal feeds you will need to achieve this.

tame your dog

You can use dog food as a reward when your dog behaves in a manner that you want to encourage, and by ignoring bad behaviour in your dog and rewarding good behaviour with treats and praise, your dog will soon learn what is and isn’t acceptable.

If you want to you can use a clicker, and the dog will then associate good behaviour with the sound of the clicker and a treat; and ultimately respond solely to the sound of the clicker.

What are the Benefits?

You may love your dog, but by allowing it to behave badly you’re not doing it any favours; by letting it become out of control you could be faced with others labelling it a dangerous dog that needs to be tamed, and have to face the consequences. The benefits of training your dog are numerous; with the main being of course that you will no longer be nervous about it mixing with other dogs or humans.

Training will make your pet a well socialised animal that doesn’t react badly to others, and is a pleasure to be around. If you own more than one dog it will make meal times much less stressful as a well trained dog will not behave territorially over the dog food. It also strengthens the bond between you and your dog, and will prevent future behavioural problems.

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