Know Varieties In Aquarium Plant Species And Its Plantation Methods!

Aquarium plants are very important for creating a natural setup in the water. The setup of aquatic plants makes the fishes feel less stressful and support the growth of the fishes.

aquarium plantsSome of the aquatic plants act as a food source for fish species. The setup of these plants creates a natural habitat for the fishes and for you too.

There are many types in aquatic plants which are good for your aquarium and selecting from these varieties is hard for a beginner.

Different plants species which are used as aquarium plants have different plantation methods. Being familiar with the plants and its plantations methods will make the selection of plants easy.

Different aquatic plants:

1. Stem aquarium plants: This type of plant is just like the normal plants. The roots are placed in the substrate and the leaves and stem are outside the substrate.

Leaves are grown to the stem nodal points and the leaves are grown in single, double, paired, and multiple patterns.

These are also referred as bunched plants and grow vigorously. Regular grooming is necessary to control the bushy growth of the plant.

  • Plantation: Dig the substrate and place the roots of the plant in the substrate. These plants grow energetically when planted in a shallow depth; don’t dip deep and place the plants.

2. Rhizomes aquarium plants: These plants have a strong stem where the leaves sprout at the top of the plants and roots are in the bottom.

The specialty of the roots is that they can grow in the substrate and can be grown, if attached to driftwood in the aquarium. The Rhizomes spread very quickly and expand into several sections of roots.

  • Plantation: Dig the substrate and plant the roots. See that the plant is outside the substrate. If placing on driftwood, tie the roots to the driftwood and leave the plants.

3. Bulbs aquarium plants: These are beautiful flowering plants in the aquarium plant species. But these are not preferred for small aquariums. They grow vigorously in big aquariums and these aquariums will make the bulbs grow vigorously.

  • Plantation: The roots should not be completely placed into the substrate and halfway plantations are suggested for bulbs.

4. Floating aquarium plants: The name itself suggests that the plant floats in the aquarium waters. These plants float in the water and will not need the setup of substrate for setting up the plant.

These plants are needed for aquariums in which you have placed shy fishes. This setup will create low lighting and preferred for fish breeding conditions.

  • Plantation: It does not need any plantation and setup can be left in the aquarium water and the plant floats.


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