Tips And Tricks For A Charming In-Wall Aquarium

wall aquariumMore and more people are becoming interested of the so called in-wall aquariums.

The reason for this is that the aspect of the item gives a certain original touch to a room and as a result the room comes alive with the help of the beautiful pet fish and their colorful environment.

Here are some tips and tricks for those who want to set up an in-wall aquarium.

1. First thing first, the electrical wiring needs to be considered during the placement work. A wrong wire crossing will be very unpleasant and a hanging cable will destroy all the charm.

2. You should be very careful about the proportions. This type of aquarium [fish aquarium] looks beautiful if it is rather long than tall. The tall aquariums are not very fish friendly, are hard to clean and maintain and most likely the fish will have to suffer. They also tend to get dirty quicker because of the up and down movement of the fish.

3. Large size fish are not recommended for the aquariums that are applied on the wall because they cannot turn due to the lack of space and they will have the sensation they swim inside a tunnel which is very stressing for them.

The recommended fish for this type of aquariums are the neon fish and those from the same family with them.

4. You have to consider the weight of the aquarium on the wall because a fully equipped water tank of 200 l can eventually reach the weight of 300 kg.

The fish look beautifully in this type of aquarium and make you as an owner very proud; still their well being is to be considered so make sure to do proper research before ordering such an aquarium.


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