Adding Strawberry Crab To Fish Aquarium

strawberry crabStrawberry crabs are around two and a half inches long and are classified as omnivores.

They are an interesting addition to your aquarium. They do not require much care; just the basic kind of care is enough.

They are dark pink with white spots all over. They are quite pretty to look at. Pretty fish are always a good choice for your aquarium.

They originate from Hawaii and they are also referred to as the red boxing crab.

Based on their size, your aquarium should be at least forty five gallons in size. It will not limit these crabs in swimming or movement. They need to settle comfortably in their new home.

They thrive in saltwater aquariums better than in fresh water ones. Make sure you include rocks in your freshwater aquarium just to help feel at home.

The strawberry crab enjoys feeding on algae so adding it into your aquarium will reduce your need to constantly clean out algae from the tank. It is relatively friendly.

But make sure you place it together with fish that are able to take care of themselves. They tend to bully other fish at times, so it can be unpredictable at times.

Besides algae, your strawberry crab needs to be fed with sea weed that has been dried. Crush it and add it into the water. Or you can leave it in its sizeable chunks so they don’t scatter everywhere in the aquarium. Also feed it with sizeable chunks of meat along with the sea weed.

It needs protein to keep in good health. Maintain a healthy diet inclusive of the foodstuffs mentioned above for him. It also has a tendency of eating food that has been left uneaten by other fish.

The specially designed crab helps it to capture algae from in between the rocks and protect itself. It also helps them gather food from the floor space of the aquarium. Experts say that these creatures are reef safe.

But most people with previous experience disregard this statement and claimed that the crab ate all the other fish in the aquarium in the first month. Well you have to see for yourself. [Aquarium Fish]

Strawberry crab is something worth considering when you want to add some color and uniqueness in your aquarium collection.

So order your crab from any pet shop and get the necessary food from the same shop. Keep your crab comfortable, meeting all it’s needs and it will live peacefully with the other fish.


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