Familiarize Yourself With Several Reproductive Methods Of Fishes!

aquarium fishesYou must be familiar in successfully breeding your aquarium fishes and how to yield fry’s from their mating.

One fish breeding styles does not match with the other fish breeding style and it differs according to the surroundings the fishes are living.

There are many tactics to follow while mating the fishes.

Here are several mating techniques that can help in fish’s reproduction.

Distinct methods of fish’s reproduction:

Egg scatters: Scatters itself make you understand the form of reproduction in the fishes. Female and male fishes release eggs and melt into the water and these two get mixed forming fertilization. The fertilized eggs sometimes float and sometimes sink to the substrate.

Either the female fish or male fish look after the mated eggs; these eggs do not have any parental care. Large amount of eggs are formed but only some of them are turned into fry’s. The famous fish species which lay eggs in this method are characins, cyprinids etc.

Nest builders: Are you thinking how the fishes build nests in the water? Some fish species build nests underwater for just laying eggs; the nest can vary from a small pit dug in the substrate to an elaborated bubble nest.

You need not make any special arrangements for the breeding process; the fishes look after all the requirements. After the mating is successful and female is ready to lay eggs, the fish constructs a bubble nest and lays eggs.

The female fish should be removed once it lays the eggs and the male must be kept in the aquarium for guarding the eggs.

Egg depositors: In this case, the female fish after successful mating lays eggs on a flat surface or exactly deposits eggs on flat surfaces.

The flat surface can be a stone or even the leaves of aquatic plants. The male and female fishes usually take turns in guarding and hatching the laid eggs.

If you don’t want the hatching to take place in the aquarium tank, you can remove the eggs and place them in separate hatching tank. The famous fishing species which support this type of breeding are Cichlids, catfish, rainbow fishes etc.

The other breeding methods are mouthbreeders and egg buriers. In mouthbreeders, the female fishes lays eggs and the male fish carry the eggs till they hatch.

Egg buriers are not so famous breeding style that is followed in aquarium, but a different mating style in the fishes.


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