Aquarium Accessories For The Healthy Growth Of Fishes!

Aquarium AccessoriesAquarium accessories will make your aquarium maintenance easier.

Some of the accessories are essential in the aquarium while other accessories are luxuries for your aquarium hobby.

Before buying any aquarium accessories, shop according to the aquarium requirements, but not according to the luxury.

If you buy a device that is interesting to you and which is not necessary for the aquarium, the accessory can end up as a waste.

Many fish lovers maintain different aquariums, so it is better to use different accessories for different aquariums, as this controls the disease transmission through the accessories [Maintaining aquarium].

If you cannot afford for separate accessories, at least sterilize the accessories before placing them in other aquarium. Fish safe sanitizers are available at pet shop. Use only authorized accessories for placing in the aquarium.

These aquarium accessories give natural look to the aquarium set up and help the fishes to grow in a healthy way. You can never cuddle or pat your fish, but can show your love towards the pet by arranging different accessories in the aquarium, which are necessary for the fish’s growth.

Necessary aquarium accessories:

Heaters: If you are living in a climate where the temperature changes drastically, then heaters are necessary to control the drastic changes in temperatures and make sure the fishes do not get disturbed with the temperature differences. There are different types of heaters for your aquarium

  • Rod type heaters: These are attached to the walls of the aquarium vertically. The temperature is maintained by adjusting a dial on the top.
  • Bottom heaters: These heaters are attached in the bottom of the aquarium before the substrate is added into the aquarium. These are quite expensive and are quite useful for big aquariums.
  • Thermo filters: These aquarium filters are inbuilt in the aquarium with heating elements and are very expensive.

Thermometer: Every aquarium should have a thermometer in order to check the temperature in the fish tank. These thermometers come in two ways- stick on thermometer and the other is floating thermometer. Prefer stick on thermometer rather than floating thermometer in small aquariums as these thermometers will float on the water surface and disturb the fish habitat. The floating thermometers are preferred in big aquariums where you need to note down the average temperature in the big aquariums.

Air pumps: This is the oldest of all the aquarium accessories. These air pumps have an important part in aquarium maintenance. Air pumps are used to circulate the oxygen in the water and expel the carbon-dioxide. The bubbles formed by these air pumps circulate the water inside the aquarium and increase oxygen content in the water.

Lighting setup: If you have placed live aquarium plants in the aquarium, you need light to carry on photosynthesis process. If you cannot provide natural lighting, artificial lighting set up is necessary. Incandescent, fluorescent, full spectrum, actinic and metal-halide bulbs are used to provide lighting in the aquarium.

Aquarium vacuum cleaner: Siphon vacuum cleaners make the life easy; these remove the accumulations in the aquarium. This vacuum cleaner only removes the debris and uneaten food in the aquarium while leaving the substrate and gravel.

Fish nets: These are very much necessary to remove the floating debris or the leaves of the live plants in the aquarium. It is also useful in removing the dead fishes or overgrown fishes in the aquarium to transfer into a big aquarium. The fish nets size should match your aquarium size. Use a soft fish net as this will not spoil the fish’s delicate and protective slime coat.

The other aquarium accessories are treats for your aquarium hobby. But, having these basic items will be very much useful for growing healthy fishes.


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