Sportsmen and Their Pets

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While they may have a job to do on the pitch or on the field, you can be sure that many sportsmen do love to show their soft side when it comes to their pets. Whether you’re looking at rugby players, football stars or other sportsmen from around the world, we’ve put together a list of some of the most loveable sportsmen and their pets for you to enjoy. Showing off their loving side towards their pets may even see you started to get interested in sports!

Craig Gilroy & Lola

Craig Gilroy is an Irish Rugby Union player, who plays wing for Ulster and for Ireland. Aside from his rugby career, Craig is also an Ambassador to the Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Northern Ireland, where he regularly encourages his teammates to volunteer. He owns two dogs named Lola and Millers. In 2013, Assisi Animal Sanctuary posted a picture of a dog playing rugby in support of Craig Gilroy and his team mates for the 2013 rugby 6 nations tournament. If we see Gilroy make the team again in 2017, you may want to get involved with the rugby score generator for the tournament along with the pups from the shelter as they rear their support once again for the Ambassador.

Mario Balotelli & Ella

Mario Balotelli took over the news when he bought his pet micro-pig named Ella, also known by the media as ‘Super’. He also hit the news again when it appeared that the striker was not allowed to import his pet pig to Britain after he signed for Liverpool FC, unless he registered himself as a breeder. In addition to his pet pig, Balotelli also has two rescue dogs and a falcon, showing that he is a true animal lover.

Dani Alves

While most footballers such as Marcelo, Ronaldo and many others all being fans of dogs, Dani Alves on the other side is actually a cat fan! There was a video of him and his daughter singing a Nicky Jam song online, and it ended up giving his cat a fright.


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Paolo Guerrero

Guerrero is known to be a horse lover, and currently owns eight horses! On top of this, he also has two dogs known as Baltazar and Romeo. Footballer Claudio Pizarro is also a horse lover, and has a passion for keeping and riding horses.


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David Haye

Heavyweight boxing champion David Haye has a love for animals, and has two pet Chihuahua’s known as Oscar and Milly. However, Haye took his love for his dogs one step further, and in 2014, he carried out the world’s first ‘Weather Pawcast’ where Haye pinpointed areas in the UK where hotter temperatures and humidity could put some dogs at risk of heat stroke. In 2016, David Haye partnered with PETA to create a new vegan ad and an exclusive video interview, and sending out the message of the benefits of turning vegan not only for the body, but also for the welfare of animals.

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