Why Do Dogs Love Snow More Than People?

Winters may not be high on the list of favorite seasons for most human beings, but is sure is high on the canine’s list. Winter and snow seems to bring out the child or should I say the pup in most dogs.

It is a common sight to see dogs of all shapes and sizes romping in the snow as if they have been let loose after ages. They seem to love the cold weather much more than the bright sunny days that their owners seem to love.


It is still a mystery as to why pets love snow more than people. Scientists have come with their own reasoning which includes the call of the wild but nothing can be said for certain.

It’s a pleasure to see the apartment bred dogs running wild in the snow. They seem to cavort in the snow without a single worry on their minds. They love to romp in the snow, dive into snow banks and dig for hidden treasures.

It’s as if the pup in them has been unleashed. It’s almost like; when adults decide they want a piece of their childhood back.

The natural playfulness of the pets is a pleasure to watch and brings smiles on to not just their owner’s faces but also on those of the bystanders looking at them. You simply can’t help but smile at their joy.


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