The 9 Things Dogs Find Most Annoying

bathing dogWe, the dog owners, don’t seem to notice that our doggy has stuff that annoys it beyond imagination.

If child psychologists have made a list filled with things we should not expose our kids to, the dog psychologists have come up with an interesting theory about the things we do that dogs can find annoying.

1. Putting down the toilet seat

No matter how dreading we find living it up, the dogs hate us for not doing it. They like drinking from the toilet no matter what we have to say about the matter.

2. Not sharing food

The dog trainers do not encourage us to share food with our dogs but the dog gets extremely frustrated if you choose not to share the stake with it especially if he looks in your eyes while you are eating.

3. Yelling at the dog when it barks or jumps on the guests

Apparently the dogs see this as a punishment for doing what they like. They like interacting, chasing their tail, barking at things and interfering with these actions mean taking it out of its natural behavior.

4. Bathing

Yes, bathing is fun as long as the owner bathes too, and if bathing is done in a river, pool or lake. When it comes to having the weekly bath in the bathroom then it is a completely different story. Dogs do not like soap, water and bubbles because they alter their natural smell. But this is a must so they have to bear it.

5. Stressing it to “go” during walks

Exactly like humans, dogs “go” on a natural reflex so pushing it too far will get them blocked and guess where they will poo when you get home?

6. Being alone

Dogs hate being left alone in the house or in the yard. They are born companions and extremely social creatures so it’s natural they would miss “the pack” when the owners are not at home.

7. Nail clipping

No matter that this comes natural to owners, like taking the dog to the vet of giving it the weekly bath for the dogs it is extremely unpleasant. It’s like making them walk bare foot and depriving them of their natural digging ability.

8. Interdiction for chasing doves, cats and squirrels

This is extremely frustrating for the dog especially because it sees the yard and the house as its territory so it is natural that it would want to keep it to itself.

9. Sharing the owner’s attention with other pets

Of course the dog is jealous especially if the attention is divided between several pets in the house and naturally one gets more attention than the other. So do not be surprised if it acts out about the matter.


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