Select The Right Dog Collar That Is Suitable For Your Dog!

A dog collar is used to keep your dog safe and provides stylish look for your dog.

Those collars will make your dog to locate in the crowd and a unique collar for your dog can draw attention towards your dog and you.

Different types of dog collars are available in the market. These collars range from simple practical leather to personalized, fancy collars in order to attain unique look for your dogs.

The various types of collars available for the dogs are cotton, nylon, leather, metallic, woven, handmade, foam, silver, gold or platinum, stone-studded, beaded, and so on.

Based on their purpose, these dog collars can be categorized as washable collars, adjustable collars, no-bark collars, training collars, electric collars, reflective collars, talking collars, water proof collars, etc.

The most common designs which will be included in these collars are polka dots, plaid, crocodile prints, python prints, animal prints, tuxedo style, bandana, denim, bone, mink, slide collars, bow collar, beaded, metallic collection, velvet and some other unique designs namely NLF, MLB, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Eagles, etc.

You have to select the right dog collar with comfortable size for your dog. Before getting the collar for your dog you must measure the neck of your dog by means of a tape.

The tape will show the exact comfortable length by placing the two fingers between the neck and tape. Try to select the collars which are somewhat loose for your dog so that they will not feel difficult in certain aspects such as breathing.

If your dog is growing day by day then go for bigger collars. You can get the dog collars with different sizes such as: toy size (8-10″), small size (10-14″), small plus size (14-16″), medium size (16-18″), large size (20-22″) and extra large size (22-24″).

10 to 14″ collars are available for jack Russells, beagles and shelties because they have smaller neckline and 14” to 20” inches collars are available for Australian shepherds, labs, Dalmatians, spaniels and pointers, while great Danes, rottweilers, and the neckline of chow chows will vary from 18” to 28”.

Dog collars also differ from one another on the base of the buckle. Some collars will have very convenient buckles such as snap-together dog buckles, but these buckles are not perfect for powerful and big dogs because they will not be that much stronger.

Nowadays the buckles with some safety features are also available in the market; these buckles will prevent some accidents related to collars.

Depending on the material used and the kind of the collar, the prices of the dog collars will range from 5 dollars or 6 dollars and sometimes they will go up to 100 dollars. You can also get these dog collars in wholesale amounts in sets of 12 collars or 24 collars or more.

Based on the information given, try to select the right dog collar with high comfortable levels for your dog.


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