Rescue Dogs To Aid The Natural Disaster In Haiti

In Haiti, other than humans, specially trained dogs are also a big help to rescue the earthquake victims.

Beyond the very sad news about the devastating number of deaths, there is still hope under the rocks that people may still be alive, and waiting for a rescue hand.

Conscious or non-conscious, there are different types of dogs that can help to find living organisms under tons of rocks, stones, etc. French, Russian and Chinese ‘sniffer’ dogs, are trained to sniff and find people arrived to Haiti to help. While the Russian help team was on their way to Haiti, it is said that the dogs tried to ease the tension among the rescue team while still on board.

The dogs were 1 German Shepard, 3 Labradors and 2 golden retrievers and they were traveling freely on plane without cages in order to avoid any kind of tension, which may occur during the tip inside a closed enclosure.

Taiwan, British and Mexican Navy also sent a rescue team with professionally trained dogs. Duncan and Vanessa Diaz, two rescue dogs owned by Peruvian firefighters Gustavo Villavicencio arrived at Haiti to help and find people.

Other than mentioned above, lots of countries also sent their rescue teams which include dogs, doctors and due to this a lot more lives could be saved these days.

Once again, our fury friends proved to hear the heart beat of an injured person even where the human heart couldn’t.


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