Tips For Selecting Costumes For Your Pet Puppy

puppy costumeIt’s time to dress up for your pet puppy and you can join him if you want to.

Let’s all face it, when it comes to costume parties, your puppy clad in a costume gets more attention than you.

It’s a funny sight really and that’s the whole idea anyway. Create a jolly good atmosphere and see what we never really see in our day to day lives.

You must be careful in choosing the perfect or ideal costume for your pet. The size of the costume determines how your puppy is going to carry itself. [Pet Halloween Costumes]

An oversized outfit will hide the actual design because it has this baggy appearance. Plus your puppy will not be able to move around freely without tripping.

The costume must also leave enough room for him to breathe normally. If there is anything around the neck then it should be very loose to avoid him from getting chocked. See how the size of the costume really matters when it comes to the safety of your puppy.

Your costume must also have less hanging decorations. If possible try to have nothing hanging on the costume. He may see it as something that is in the way and needs to get rid of.

And the only way he knows how is through his mouth. Think of what will happen if he was to swallow that small object. Need I go further?

In addition to the selection of your pet’s costume, you should look at the texture and feel of the material used.

Choose something that does not irritate his fur. They are not used to wearing anything so try not to make this a bad ordeal for them. They will probably spend the entire evening trying to get it off.

Furthermore, his costume should be light. He should be able to run around when he wants to and do all the other dog things he does in his costume. It must not weigh him down.

You should watch the way he walks or hangs his head if you want to determine the weight of the costume. If he whines and hangs his head by the side while going around in circles then it’s clear that he is not comfortable.

Choose a costume that leaves his eyes, ears and tail free. If he feels like wagging his tail let him wag without any hindrance from what he is wearing.

You might also consider placing some reflective material to the costume. It helps in the evenings when there is a Halloween party or just an evening occasion. It helps when it strays away so that car drivers may be able to spot him when he wanders off.

What are you waiting for? Get your puppy the perfect costume and don’t forget to pick one for yourself as well!


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