Taking Care Of Maltese Puppies

Maltese puppyThe Maltese puppy is one of the cutest and smallest dogs around.

If you live in an apartment but would love to own a dog then the Maltese is perfect for you as it is perfectly suited to life in small spaces.

Maltese puppies need lots of care so it is recommended that the day you get your puppy you should take it for a check up at the vets.

This is to have a record of the dog’s existing conditions and to keep track of thing that might develop in the future. It is also good to be prepared when you bring it home so buy a Maltese breed book beforehand so that you can be prepared.

Socializing with your Maltese puppies is also good as both of you get to know each other and your bond will grow. These kinds of dogs have high energy levels so you need to be careful with how you handle them.

They can jump out of your hand and injure themselves in the process so if you have young children in the home, discourage them from picking the puppy up. Be careful also not to let the dog over exercise[dog exercise], because just like everyone, it is bad for their health.

The grooming of Maltese puppies is also an important factor in their health. A Maltese should be brushed, ideally, everyday as they do not shed hair so the dead hair can be brushed off with a metal comb.

Daily brushing with lotions to remove ear stains is also something you can do to keep your dog looking presentable. Trim the dog’s fur regularly to make it easier to maintain.

The Maltese puppies are very protective kind of dogs so they are prone to barking at strangers, although it does not bark for prolonged periods of time.

Encourage the dog to socialize with people and other dogs and soon, when it has gotten used to them it will be a good companion. The Maltese puppies grow to about 20-25 cm in shoulder length so they do not need too much space to run free as they are so small.

If you are one of those people who go to work and there is no one to look after the dog then you could leave it in the house preferably in a tiled area. We don’t want pee spots on the carpet now do we?

Leaving the dog in this spot with a range of chew toy, water and food is the best for all you workaholics. Just make sure that there are no valuable chewable around or else…

Lastly the Maltese puppies are small but can dish out tonnes of love so why not do the same for them.


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