The Challenge of Raising Yorkie Poo Puppies

The Yorkie Poo is a relatively new breed that is a result of crossbreeding the Yorkshire terriers and the Poodles. This is why some of the yorkie poo puppies look more like the Yorki and others look like poodles. The total weight of the dogs is of about 4-14 pounds and the height of the dogs varies between 6 and 9 inches. The difficulties of raising the puppies that you may encounter are because you have to learn both about Yorkies and poodles.

Why to create the puppies of the yorkie poo breed?

In many of the cases the purebred dogs have inherited health problems. This is why the experts opt for interbreeding, to introduce new genes and also genetic diversity.

Yorkie Poo PuppiesOther names

The puppies of the yorkie poo breed are also known as yo-yopoo or Yorkshire poodle. Officially the hybrid breed has been registered as Yorkipoo.

Personality of the yorkie poo puppies

The new breed is known for being friendly, protective, frisky, smart, energetic, and above all, very loyal.

Professionals say that the puppies have the high spirits and the friskiness of the Yorkshire terriers and the low-shedding fur of the poodles. They are also great with children, but in case of very young kids they have to be monitored.


The height and the weight of the puppies of the yorkie poo breed have been mentioned before. Usually they are white, black, silver, tan or apricot, depending on the genes that they have inherited from the parents.

How to care for the yorkie poo puppies?

These puppies come with the best traits of both the Yorkies and the poodles. Although the professionals are trying to eliminate the inherited health problems, it is still advisable to have vet checkups from time to time.

Since the puppies have silky fur, it needs to be brushed on a daily basis and you should also keep in mind to keep the hair out of their eyes to avoid the eye problems. Just as any other kind of puppies, the puppies of the yorkie poo breed need to be vaccinated against common health problems. They should get distemper and parvo vaccines. The illnesses that they are prone to have include luxating patellas, eye disease, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease and also hip dysplasia.

Since the yorkie poo puppies are quite energetic and feisty they need their regular walks and you need to sacrifice a lot of time to play with them.

Advantages of the puppies of the yorkie poo breed

Since they are quite small, they are just great for being kept in apartments. In case you have allergies, this is the right dog breed for you, because their coat doesn’t really shed. The dogs are quite intelligent and so they are suitable for being trained. They learn quickly the new tricks and commands.

As you can see the yorkie poo puppies are suitable for just any kind of family, even in case someone has allergies. The important thing is for you to have time to care for this type of pet.


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