Keeping Beagle Puppies As Pets

Beagle puppiesIf you are a dog person like me, then you would just love to own a little ball of fur to keep you company, someone to listen to you when you rant and rave and never interrupt you with a word.

A dog can bring a lot of joy in your world but you have to be sure that you are choosing the right one for you.

The beagle puppies are perfect for all you energetic and mischievous people out there.

Beagle puppies are excellent in a house hold full of children as they are calm and intelligent so if they are in trouble they know when to high tail it out of there.

It is sociable and is good with other dogs but because of its hunting instincts don’t put it in the same room as your daughter’s pet hamster otherwise you will be explaining how Gerald the gerbil opened the cage and wanted to go see his family.

The beagle puppies are more of an independent kind of dogs so they will take patient and firm training to achieve as an obedient dog. Since this type of dog is so energetic, you have to make sure that you give it enough mental and physical stimulation to keep it happy.

But be careful, you might be the one being physically stimulated if you don’t keep an eye on him. Since he has hunting instincts he may go off after his nose if let off the leash and might not hear you when you call him. The best thing to do then is to let him run free in the yard where he can’t disappear.

The beagle puppies have a loud baying howl that can be irritating to you and your neighbors but they will get used to it. Nobody can resist that cute wagging tail.

If left alone though to do as it pleases the dog can develop some nasty habits like excessive barking and biting. It is so important then, that you be a leader to your dog and train it correctly.

Beagle puppies can live 12-15 years in a good environment. They can live in an apartment if they get plenty of exercise outdoors and even houses with small yards will do. Grooming of the beagle dog is very simple.

All you need to do is brush the coat with a metal comb at average of once a week. A bath with shampoo will be necessary once in a while too but generally the short coat is easy to maintain. Make sure to check the ears for signs of infection but other than that let your dog run free and happy.


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