How To Potty Train A Puppy In Seven Easy Ways?

Bringing your new pet puppy at home would be an enjoyable moment for you. But one thing that you would have to train the animal for is potty etiquettes.

You definitely don’t want to roam around the entire house to clean that mess off! To avoid this, you should know the rules on how to potty train a puppy.

So how do you potty train a puppy? This usually is the reason why many pet lovers restrict themselves from adopting a pup.

The fear that your pup might pee anywhere and everywhere would make any house owner think before adopting a puppy. So, here is a seven-step guide on how to potty train your puppy:

1. You will have to keep yourself calm and patient, dogs are not humans. You can’t teach them in one day! Ensure that you always remember your love for your pet before learning these how to potty train a puppy tactics. You should not shout or yell at the top of your voice, it might frighten him.

2. The tactics for how to potty train a puppy differs and depends largely on the breed of your pup. When you bring a new pup home, restrict its movements to only one or two rooms of your house.

Don’t let him roam to all the corners of your house, or else you won’t be able to figure out where he is emptying his bowels, until and unless that corner starts stinking badly.

Keep a close watch on him and you would most likely be able to catch him and then in an unhappy voice let him know that this behavior is not at all acceptable. Do not shout, just convey your displeasure, constantly, and also take him to a place, probably outside the door.

3. Assign a place or a spot in the garden or your backyard and name the animal’s potty going session as “potty time”, or something that you can constantly use for telling your pet.

Take him to that spot after he has woken up or after dinner and point the place that is best to suffice his needs. This is an important step in the how to potty train your puppy tactics.

4. Expect accidents and do not lose your temper if that happens. Get your puppy to pee on a newspaper and then let him stand there alone for a minute or two.

Get him accustomed to that smell and then place that newspaper to the spot which is assigned for completing his business. He may soon get the hang of it. How to train your puppy tactics do not work wonders in one day.

5. The strict step of how to potty train your puppy is to sanitize the place where the pup has peed or else he might get confused and use it again as a private toilet.

6. Take him out for walks and tell him to behave and find a corner if he wants to defecate. You let him find his corner himself.

7. Praise him whenever he follows your instructions. You can give him a chewy biscuit or a big bone for his excellent performance. You should also reward yourself for being successful in how to potty train a puppy.


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