First Clone Dog Up And Running On The Market

Cloning . Have you ever thought about the ramifications of this procedure?

Of course there are ups and downs to everything in life. Most of those are natural occurrences though.

Cloning is not considered one of those things, but in this case, it turns out that there may be more benefits to endangered species than detriments at this point.

Fifty years ago cloning was thought of as science fiction in the same class as Star Trek.

Welcome to the future. On April 24, 2005, the world welcomed it’s very first cloned dog. A mix of Afghan (sire) and a yellow lab (mother), Snuppy is up and running and now 4 years old.

Snuppy was created by taking a skin cell from the ear of the father and implanting it into an egg in the mother. He was born by cesarean section after a 60 day gestation period.

This is a type of cloning that is called somatic-cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) and is being looked at by scientists around the world as a way to try to save endangered species.

This cloning was done at Seoul National University by scientists from South Korea.

Source : Interesting Amazing Facts


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