Facts About Pet Dogs

If you happen to have a dog, then the facts about pet dogs will come handy when you are in a fix. These are some things that will surprise you and also help you.

Facts About Pet Dogs


Dogs get affected by cancer as well besides ceroidlipofuscinosis. Although the diseases are somewhat similar to the human, this makes it easier to run clinical trials on dogs.


If you have cancer, epilepsy or diabetes, your dog might be the first one to find out. It is believed that dogs can recognize the scent of tumors and of the hormones associated with diabetes, while some claim that dogs can predict seizures up to 45 minutes before they occur.


Some specialists believe that the dogs can be just as smart as 2 year old children. Border collies are said to be the most intelligent dogs and they may be able to understand up to 200 words. Usually hound dogs are more difficult to teach.


Although they are said to be the best friend of humans, when thinking about the pet dogs’ truth you have to remember that your pet could make you sick. Think about rabies that is spread by canines. In the same time dogs can give you food poisoning because they carry the Salmonella virus.


According to the studies in the field, your pet dog can feel envy. For instance if there are two dogs and one gets rewarded for tricks while the other one doesn’t, the second will stop performing the trick and will avoid the gaze of the other dog.

No Guilt

Many pet owners think that the dogs feel guilt when they are scolded, the truth is that they don’t feel any guilt; they just respond to the nervousness of the owner. Sometimes innocent dogs can look guiltier than the guilty ones.

There facts about pet dogs are interesting and they show that you should get to know your dog better.


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