Dogs Have A Reason To Pee On The Snow

Have you ever wondered why your puppy loves to pee on the snow? In case you have noticed that your dog always enjoys the walks on the snow and often marks the territory by peeing, there is an explanation.

According to experts this embarrassing habit is just another way of connection between our puppies. By the scent of their urine puppies recognize each other and sniff until they don’t find the scent, left by another dog. Leaving traces in the snow is the way of which dogs communicate with each other.

dog pee on snow

This is the reason why dogs sniff so much in the snow. When the weather is cold and especially when there is a snow, the dog scent stay sniffable for more time, hence the dogs are able to sniff the presence of any dog, which has been out recently. Do not wonder why your puppy is doing this. It is simply its nature to mark its own territory and to show the other dogs his presence.


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